Desjardins Food Court

  • Completion period
    2019 - 2022
  • Budget
  • Area

By revamping this gourmet stopover in the heart of the quartier des spectacles, the ambition is clear: to put Complexe Desjardins on the map of must-visit places in Montreal. The redevelopment of the fast-food area involves 21 concessions for a total of over 1,000 seats.

This major renovation was combined with an upgrade of the technical installations, carefully integrated into the design - all while the premises were still occupied. In such a constrained context, best practices were required to address the complexity as a whole: digital surveying, integrated design and a regulatory specialist.

Collaboration and inventiveness enabled us to rapidly develop effective solutions to the many changes required during the course of the project. The design focuses on the creation of multiple zones with unique atmospheres, all within a coherent whole designed to last.