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  • Why work with us?

    Because our space is, after all, a little bit of your space. Because you can imagine who you want to be and we'll be with you every step of the way.

    Because we speak human, and everyone has a voice. As Jocelyn would say: "We're like sponges! We listen a lot through our precious exchanges." If you want to know who Jocelyn is, pack your joke bag and go find out in Our Team.

  • What are you going to get from this?

    A wide range of projects, including schools, operations rooms, shelters, offices, high-tech factories, multi-housing units, sports centers, fire stations, hydroelectric power plants, national park centers...

    An opportunity to be mobile between Trois-Rivières, Quebec City and Montreal. And the freedom to like or dislike telecommuting. Crazy right!

  • What are values that we look for in our team?

    It's the killer question, and yet it's the question that gives you life. There are no ready-made answers. We cultivate simplicity, openness, authenticity, passion for our profession, but also for technology. Régis continues to transport us with his freehand sketches, just as we can take you on a journey through virtual reality. We're all of the above! So if this inspires you, what are you waiting for?

Available profiles

Are you a visionary who has always had a knack for creative thinking? Do you like to be in, experience or even manage change? Are you bursting with ideas and know how to present them?

Here's a glimpse of what could be possible for you:

  • Contribute to a project in the far north that requires adjusting and rethinking architectural and technical design
  • Ensuring consistency throughout the design of a project, from the first sketches to the end of the worksite.
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Were you always told that you were a facilitator with great communication skills? Do you care about the development of others and easily connect with people?

Here's a glimpse of what could be possible for you:

  • Be part of a regional or even international interdisciplinary team and help find the best solutions
  • Mentor a newcomer to enable him or her to flourish in a more complex role or project type (industrial, institutional, healthcare, multi-residential, northern, etc.).
  • Learn how to optimize the use of BIM 360
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You're human, but your calendar and to-do list are your bestfriends? Do you like managing projects, organizing work, analyzing information and more?

Here's a glimpse of what's possible for you:

  • Participate in the deployment of our standardization protocols
  • Enrich our internal database, which tracks the progress of projects in terms of time and effort.
  • Integrate a large-scale project that must meet the specific requirements of a PFT
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Do you excel in managing your time and stress and know how to ensure the productivity of a team? Do you embody a vision and share it without difficulty while always keeping the achievement of objectives in mind?

Here's a glimpse of what's possible for you:

  • Collaborate on bold development projects
  • Participate in projects with investors and major players in the built environment
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Do you find yourself in many of these profiles? That's normal, and it's a good thing! Whether your background is in architecture, engineering, drawing or design, come and tell us all about yourself!

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"Having completed my university studies in a field quite different from architecture, I landed at RÉGIS in 2004 to help out at reception. The inclusive and dynamic team, as well as the family atmosphere within the firm, made sure I stayed. Today, I have a stimulating career and I'm happy to have played my part, in my own way, in the company's growth."