New CLSC in Aupaluk

CLSC Aupaluk
  • Completion period
    2016 - 2020
  • Budget
  • Area

Aupaluk is Nunavik's most sparsely populated Inuit community. Yet its rapidly growing population, outdated health center and isolation have made the new Aupaluk CLSC essential to the village's future.

CLSC Aupaluk

The architectural design deploys a sensitive approach, respectful of Inuit cultural traditions. The integration of aboriginal faith and beliefs about the healing process - and their understanding of modern health care - contributes to making the CLSC a "place to be better".

CLSC Aupaluk

The compact, streamlined volume adapts to the region's extreme wind and snow conditions. The envelope combines high efficiency and sunlight, while the systems incorporate redundancy to ensure the complex's autonomy. Specially developed safety measures compensate for the automatic sprinkler system normally unavoidable in facilities of this type. Climate change was also anticipated, with the project resting on 111 33m-deep piles to ensure the long-term stability of the construction.

Another major challenge was construction. The only way to transport the necessary materials and equipment over a short period of time was by sea, so the project used methods and materials that were simple, readily available and quick to install - without sacrificing performance in the face of extreme conditions.

An achievement of which we are extremely proud!

CLSC Aupaluk
CLSC Aupaluk
CLSC Aupaluk

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